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This page will be updated on a regular basis as the exciting, ever-twisting Rubik's Cube of creating FLYCATCHER unfolds.  Hopefully this page will answer most of your basic questions before we talk about how you can get involved in our world!  Please note that we are not looking for below-the-line crew as we are well-stocked in that department and the Heads of Departments are already a magical squad and at the ready (see TEAM).   




Film Type:   Comedy-Drama

Running Time:  110 minutes

Language:  English

Color info:  Color

Camera:  TBD 

Printed:  35 mm

Sound:  Dolby Digital

International Theatrical Release
Budget range:  A conventional "Hollywood budget" calculates this to be US $6-7 million.  Using this as an indicator of the extreme top end of the scale that does not take into consideration deals and a more European sensibility, we estimate the "true European" budget will be around the US $2 million mark.

Shooting schedule:  8 weeks

Intended Start Date:  TBD

Current locations being considered:


Norway (TBD)

Bucharest, Romania

Mexico (TBD)


The film creates its own world and for that reason is not entirely location-specific.  Financial structure and potential co-production partners may affect where the film will be shot.


Post-Production deals have currently been struck in London, England.


The films below represent features with stylistic and expected-audience similarities.   Every film is different:  not every great film finds the kind of audience it should have, others do.  The list here is intended to give an overview, across the board, of the kind of film-making FLYCATCHER belongs to, and the kinds of returns that have been published.  


Budget:  US $7.5MM

Gross:  US $227MM


A similar budget to "Flycatcher", the cast was relatively unknown, but still it swooped awards and Grossed over 30 times its original budget. 

Budget:  US $2MM

Gross: US $6.5MM


This high-quality, intense film featured no "stars" - that then became stars from just being a damn good film.

Winter's Bone

Budget:  US $12MM

Gross:  US $12MM


Released in 2013, the international figures have not been completely consolidated for this film as yet, but so far this controversial and risky film has broken even.


The Skin I Live In

Budget:  US $13MM

Gross:  US $22MM


One of the darker of Almodovar's films, this still created an international sensation.  

The Kids Are All Right

Budget:  US $3.5MM

Gross: US $25MM


Proving that a smaller film with a bigger heart can capture audiences around the world. 

Napoleon Dynamite

Budget:  US $400K

Gross:  US $45MM


While this film  is nowhere thematically near to that of FLYCATCHER, it proves you don't need stars to make an outstanding film, big bucks to produce a great vision - or follow a formula to capture an audience.  Sometimes, a unique vision can be a plus.

Budget:  US $1MM

Gross: US $3.6MM


A smaller-budgeted film centered around a young, emotionally damaged woman, is nevertheless bringing in a modest profit, despite its challenging central issues.  Which proves that audiences are still often attracted to difficult themes.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Budget:  US $15.5MM

Gross: US $152MM


While the budget for this film is well above ours, stylistically out of all the comps, this comes the closest to the spirit of "Flycatcher"!

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