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Richly colorful, with a strong, heightened sense of style, FLYCATCHER's unique and compelling voice stems from its hybrid quality that balances a classic, Hitchock-esque world with a multi-leveled, modern sensibility.  Though the film is set in the "now", we're never quite sure what that "now" is, nor precisely where we are.   Mobile phones, for example, are conspicuously missing.  The city contains elements of crumbling urban England, suburban kitsch and cinematic romanticism.  The characters of FLYCATCHER are, like its setting, recognizable and heightened in the way of classic cinema, but at the same time both contemporary and deliciously complex - making for a remarkable blend of something that seems oddly familiar, but takes us into unexpected territory - a film that's at once a heart-stopping drama, a psychologically telling thriller,  and in the midst of it all, the darkest and most compelling of comedies.  

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