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The Cynical

Art Dealer



getting into MADELAINE can be MURDER




The Waitress

Who Collects




and these are a few of her good points.


The Invisible



The Salesman Who

Loves Grace Kelly


Hitchcock meets Almodovar in this quirky thriller with a darkly humorous streak.


Set in a world of its own, FLYCATCHER follows the web woven by Madelaine, an awkward and unpopular waitress, in order to pull Bing, a happy-go-lucky salesman, into her world. Bing, meanwhile, has his sights set on Olive, a successful art gallery owner devoted to a man who seems to want everyone but her.


And so unfolds a complex and extraordinary series of machinations, all cunningly orchestrated by Madelaine and geared to, bit by bit, draw them all under the same roof.


Madelaine’s schemes are at once hilarious and heartbreaking. The closer the three of them become, the more each of their secrets emerge to cause the inevitable and catastrophic clash of identity and will.


Yet it's Madelaine’s grandmother Mae, who — on a seemingly disconnected mission of her own — finally draws the web to an unexpected close, revealing, at last, the darkest and most unexpected secret of all.


A richly filmic rendition of the ground-breaking play of the same name, FLYCATCHER explores themes of identity, desire, and those parts within us we keep hidden, sometimes most from ourselves.


dig deep enough

and you never know

just what

you'll find

Original music by Jake Walker, composer for FLYCATCHER

Voice by Charles Reston, original cast member of "Flycatcher", performed on stage at Theatre 503, London, England

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