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The Players are an international, highly experienced team of professionals.  Let us introduce ourselves.


Between us we have over 200 years of high-quality, international experience in the film, television and media world.  When it comes to quality, we're at the top of our game.  When it comes to creativity and dedication, we have what it takes and then some.  When it comes to integrity, we are the go-to gang.  We've come together with our smarts, our hearts and our skills to make an outstanding film that we can all be proud of, and which we believe will fan the fires of the film world and do our investors proud.  Come aboard, join the fun - and the adventure - of making FLYCATCHER the story that captures the imagination of hungry audiences everywhere. 


I'm the Happy Captain of this ship, with a helluva lot to say about the professional and creative experience that has led me to create FLYCATCHER.   You can check out some of that experience by hitting the HIT THIS button you see here.   Oh yeah, I'm a Canadian

passport holder, and a British Resident.  Let's talk!

Supervising Sound Editor

After receiving a Bachelors Degree in Recording Arts at Middlesex University, Milos quickly moved up in the Post-Production Industry to work on everything from Corporate to Feature Films and TV - collaborating with award-winning Directors and top-of-the-field Acting Talent.  Milos’ experience and detailed-oriented talents as Sound Designer and Dialogue Editor has brought him to the role of Supervising Sound Editor for FLYCATCHER.

Costume Designer

With 30 years working with top directors and clients in the commercials, music video and TV industries, Jill has a passion for turning concept into reality and a no-nonsense, upbeat energy to her creativity.  She brings her love of breathing characters into life and her unique sense of style to the world of FLYCATCHER.  


In their first collaberation together, Jake's extraordinary talents musically underpinned Masuak's short film "Invisible" and subsequently added sexy-funny ooph to his controversial Aids Alliance spot.  A Master of Musical Sub-text, Jake is the perfect Virtuoso for the nuanced undercurrents of FLYCATCHER and has been a main player on such top-of-the-field films as Skyfall, Les Miserables, Iron Man, Batman Begins, and Madagascar, just to

name a few.    

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